The Company Roster.

Making the company roster should have been a fairly quick and easy job. And the basic design part was fairly straightforward; the hard part came when I had to add the Characteristics. There wasn't enough space to put the full Characteristic names in; only enough room for the initial letters. And that was a problem. Because two of the Characteristics, Presence and Perception, have the same initial...

Now, obviously we can't have two Characteristics listed as 'P' on the roster. So, I grabbed a Thesaurus... and Perception became Awareness. Problem solved! Then I spotted Attack... now I had two 'A's. So, after some careful 14th centuy etymological searching, Attack became Strike. But now Stealth was a problem... so Stealth became Concealment. Basically, I ended up doing a complete set of name changes on all the Characteristics.
But finally, I had the roster done. We've got Movement, Strike, Block, Ranged, Nimbleness, Concealment, Awareness, Fortitude and Presence.